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Photography Instruction

In  enjoy sharing photography with others and planting seeds of instruction and seeing what my students will develop and grow with that information.

My classes are designed for photographers from beginners to professionals. I offer basic to advanced courses from 1-30 people. Tell me your needs and I will custom tailor a course for you.


Classes offered and Skills you'll learn:

  • Learn techniques that will allow you to turn would-be snapshots into beautiful compositions.

  • Learn framing your shot, the rule of thirds, Depth of field and their creative potential.

  • Learn how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO relate to getting a good photograph.

  • Learn basic and advanced functionality of your camera in various indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Learn to go beyond simple snap-shots and achieve beautiful photographs.

  • Learn to download, save, share, and print your photos.

  • Learn to manage, enhance, and archive your photos.

  • Photo Adventures & Photo Safaris.


Advanced & Specialty courses include:

  • Panorama Photography.

  • Virtual Tour Photography.

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography.

  • Night Photography & Painting with Light.

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As shot
What the eye saw (Post Processed)
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